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Welcome to SKS Webtech, the renowned SEO Company in Kolkata rendering professional SEO services for internet marketing and web promotion. Having 8+ years of experience, our team of SEO analysts can assist you with any business to expand online. 

If you have a business which you want to capitalise with Internet power then we can be your ideal companion. Our team is committed in imposing the right strategy to help you to receive notable ROI instead of unique marketing efforts.

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SKS Webtech is the popular SEO agency in Kolkata delivering efficient SEO strategies that assist in achieving the rank in Google via using Map Search Optimisation, PPC, Link Building, Off-page SEO, On-page SEO and Organic Search.

It has inevitable importance as it:

  1. Expands your online position giving better rank and visibility with the relevant keywords on searching.
  2. Gains trusts of the users as once your site ranks on search engine it becomes easy to convince the visitors.
  3. Promotes the site on Google using paid promotion and fast conversion into potential sales.
  4. Drives more traffic with better ranking on Google SERP as searchers mostly click on the relevant top results displayed on the search engine.

SEO is an undeniable way to expand a business online. You have to seek expert’s help as it dips in lots of technicalities to attain and fulfil the demand of Google to secure a rank in SERP.  

Our SEO Strategy- Step-by-step functional process

Our team is well-aware of the given steps for planning and calculating the strategy for rendering highest standard of SEO services.

  1. Website analysis- We understand the business niche as it is prime and our experts will find the appropriate way to improve the rank of the website via organic search in the related field.
  2. Competitor analysis- As there is open tough competition; we excel in studying the strategies of the competitors and examine it. Accordingly, we come up with a better strategy plan to overhead them in shortest time.
  3. Keyword research- The terms used mostly by the customers for searching is also researched so that best keywords can be brought for prominent outcome.
  4. Website optimisation- By amending accurate SEO rules, we optimise the website so that Google make it sit at the top of the rank in SERP.
  5. Content marketing- Website promotion by posting and sharing press releases, articles and blogs are fantastic way to make your customers learn about the services you offer in much detail.
  6. Performance monitoring- We use various effective analytics tools for regulating the expansion of the website after our planned strategies are imposed. Being the most preferred SEO Company in Kolkata, India we believe in consistency and can change our approach on the basis of the result obtained.
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Why choose us for SEO services in Kolkata?

When you have a website, SEO is the key! Everyone makes website for reaching out to a large audience providing their goods and services. Now for that you need to boost up the conversion rates!

How are you going to do that? For that you have to be active on search engine. SEO is the most cost-efficient and appropriate way to do so. Here’s why you should hire us for SEO services in Kolkata and beyond.

Experienced SEO analyst team

We have hired an extraordinarily experienced SEO professional team to cater the efficient SEO strategies for attaining the desired marketing goals. We make our service available to big entrepreneurs and SME owners as well to connect with larger potential audience by increasing the traffic of the business in most positive manner.

Cost efficient

Several SEO agencies in India promise to cater SEO services at low cost. But, it is impossible to offer white hat SEO services at such low rate. Our company does an incredible job by catering quality SEO services in the capital city at affordable rates. Even you can tally what any other agency does and what we do todrag your website to the top of SERP.  

Assured results

We value time and result equally and thus commit to deliver the result on mentioned deadline. Time duration actually relies on numerous attributes like technical reasons, keyword difficulty and business niche. We keep working on it and have faith that the website will expand surely in a short period of time with expansion of business.

Competitor analysis

When it comes to SEO services, it is important to go ahead of the competitors in the SERP to establish your own identity and brand. The job is as complex as it sounds simple. Thus, we perform precise analysing session on competitors’ strategy and prepare most effective solution to help you to achieve high rank on search engine result pages.

Performance monitoring

We monitor the website’s position growth rate closely on a daily basis. By this way we can identify the correct strategy or the vacant where a strategy needs to be imposed. Growth report is sent to the clients every month allowing them to track the rank of website. By this way we offer the clients to check what we are doing for your website.

Quality backlinking

It is another integral part of SEO. The derived links will not affect the position of the website representing that the websites we choose for taking links have lowered spam score. As the well-known SEO agency, we understand the integrity of both quality and quantity of backlinks for a website.

Our pricing for SEO services

We at SKS Webtech offer effective SEO strategy and plan that suit the exact business requirement and budget. In case, custom plans seem expensive for you, you can try out our small business plans.

Local SEO plan

Is it suitable for your business?

It is a good one to go to promote the physical location of the business and to bring the nearby people right at the doorstep.

National SEO plan

Is it suitable for your business?

If you want to reach out to potential international or national audience then this plan can offer everything you need to accomplish your goal.

Enterprise SEO plan

Is it suitable for your business?

International organisations, eCommerce sites and extremely competitive national campaign dominate the SERP with the help of this plan.


Commonly asked questions

SEO is the abbreviated term of Search Engine Optimisation. This technical service helps in enhancing the rank of a website by increasing its visibility amidst searchers with relevant keywords.

Keyword is combination of words, phrase of word that users use for finding the necessary information on a given topic or topic of interest.

SEO assists the site in ranking higher in search engine. Optimised content should be used that will be indexed by the crawlers. As a result, the site will rank top on SERP. By this way, your site becomes regularly visible so that the user can’t skip to click and visit.

SEO is classified in 2 parts:

On-page SEO- It is all about optimising the whole website starting from the content to the HTML codes for making it completely SEO friendly. User experience is main focus of the on-page SEO by optimising the relevant keywords for content. By curating outstanding website content one can make relevant and compelling content for users along keywords easily found by search engine.

Off-page SEO- It is regarding link building from relevant and authoritative sites. By this way only two benefits can be reaped- driving more traffic to the website and displaying the reputation of the site in search engines. Links from authoritative sites is the indication that the content posted is valuable and approved.

No fixed number of backlinks rule is there! It’s regarding the backlinks obtained from reputed and authorised sites that .edu and .gov which can deliver remarkable results.

On the basis of the market competition for a respective industry, the time will need by a website of that sector to rank. Sometimes starting from a few months to a year can be needed to observe the desired result just because of number of keywords use and the competition. Fortunately, SEO is consistent and undergoes continuous progress and changes.  

Simply, no! Rank can’t be delivered to each phrase or word. Instead you can focus on achieving rank on significant and main keywords

  1. Organic SEO is obtained when Google crawl keywords and improves the rank of the site naturally.
  2. Paid SEO is much similar to that of paid advertisement done for the promotion of website online. In this case the website can be seen highlighted on top of targeted and searched keywords. Search Engine has to be paid against each click received.
  1. A number of factors have been researched including keyword volume and usability and business niche to determine the entire cost of SEO services.
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