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SKS WebTech is the renowned PPC advertising service provider in Kolkata, India serving coherent Google Ad services for better ROI. Our team of professionals mainly works on Bing Ad-Center and Google AdWords as the platform for PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. It itself is the core component of online advertising and promotion model.

Google AdWords helps us to advertise your brands, services and products via different online channels. PPC needs a detailed and in-depth research and analysis. Always go with such a PPC agency which provides professional PPC management services to obtain maximum ROI. Our PPC campaigns only run through BING Adcenter and Google AdWords. SKS WebTech has Google certified PPC experts and we are a Google-certified company as well.

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We provide below types of PPC advertising services

Have a glimpse of our Portfolio section to get an idea about our quality. You are going to see some reputed with which we have been collaborated in India and overseas. Spare some few minutes more to know which factors lead us to top website designing and Development Company and a trusted digital marketing provider in India.

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Astonishing perks of PPC advertising

  • Acquiring instant as well as quality traffic to the website
  • Increases sale leads, enquiries and eCommerce transactions
  • Reach out wide audience via different targeting methods
  • Depending on the objectives it suits budget of every size

Step-by-Step guide to successful campaign

Developing proper PPC campaign need an extensive research and analysis. We plan, tailor to give structure to your campaign in a way which will let you to get right customers.

Effective and correct Keyword targeting

We look for relevant keywords which can provide most of the advertising campaign with a limited expenditure from your budget. We target the keywords on pondering and analyzing several factors which can drag you to the fullest potential.

Landing page selection

Landing page selection is a pivotal step to make PPC ad. We assure to make a strong landing page stuffed with bold call or actions (CTAs) when a user will click to the PPC ad.

Composing ads

Paramount importance is given to the ad composition. It is to be said that behind every successful campaign there is provoking ads which influence the users to click and transact.

On-going optimization

Our work is not limited to only creation of PPC ad campaign. We consistently monitor and optimise it to take it to greatest heights enabling you to receive great ROIs with top customers.

Ads testing

Ad efficiency is continuously checked by our team to ensure that it has the full ability. We can raise its bar by imposing A/B testing for several ads. 

Trends responding

User trends express the idea of consistent change in the ad to make it a huge success. We blindly adhere to this trend to check the place where clicks are being received and how alternation of the ad helps to inherent maximum benefits.

Keywords monitoring

With us, your ad budget will be spent in justified manner. Our change in buds and ROI objectives are completely relied on keywords to drive the best conversions and traffic. 

PPC performance reporting

We ensure that you don’t have to think anything regarding PPC campaign. Via our testing method, we will determine if any change is needed in user trends or campaign for keeping your involved and updated.

Search budget insight

We provide detailed insight on the way search budget is used and how it is giving back to you.

Data conversion

We all know that ‘Knowledge is Power’. By knowing the keywords ads that drive the great business conversion, we are able to take qualified and informed decision on behalf of you.

Instant data accessibility

An online dashboard will be provided in which you can get the instant access to each data within your fingertips.

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Pioneer in PPC management

SKS WebTech has collaborated with multiple companies and brands to provide quality and successful PPC campaign in scalable and dependable ways with tested and verified experience and strategies.

No priority list of clients

Unlike other PPC agencies in India, we never believe in priority list. For us each and every client is equally substantial.  

KPI and ROI-oriented

Our efforts are just to deliver ROI to your business. You will be provided with the KPIs for tracking how your business is expanding online.

Good commands over different industries

Our team is highly experienced to deliver leads and ROI to different industries. Also we have employed experts to manage every type of online marketing for our huge base of clientele. 

Unrivalled dedication

Our team involves dedicated and certified account managers to come up with newest opportunities related to growth strategies.

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New Advertisers FAQs’

The individual business type determines it obviously. But PPC advertising works effectively and unbiased for each and every business sector or industry. If you have some preferable services or products to provide to the people then PPC is the right choice for your business.

PPC ad campaign is the most efficient way to drive traffic to any website in a short span of time. Being the long-term search strategy organic search consumes much time and in case you wish to generate more website leads and traffic at a fast rate then opting for PPC for search engine advert is the ideal decision you can ever take.

Once your ad campaign is ready to launch we will conduct a review for less than an hour to check how it will perform. Once it passes the review procedure, we will make the campaign live to drive the traffic to your website. In a week or two we will let you know if the campaign is efficient or not for your business. 

We have gone through this kind of question a number of times. In case you have already failed from trying out PPC then there might be a problem by which the campaign was prepared. It might happen that you had targeted irrelevant keywords or the campaign was lacked from correct structure. Our team can devote some time to analyse the previous campaign and detect what was actually wrong. Even they can highlight the reasons of the failure of your campaign. Also we will love to suggest setting up the new campaign which you can try one more time.

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